Sage, Lavender & Amethyst Smudge Bundle

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Sage, Lavender & Amethyst Smudge Bundle
Sage, Lavender & Amethyst Smudge Bundle

Sweet California Sage Smudge Bundle adorned with Fresh Lavender from my garden and set with an amazing genuine Amethyst Crystal Geode!! Easily unwrap the crystal by un-tying the white parachute cord and set the stone in your windowsill for tapping into your intuition.  Now your smudge bundle is ready for lighting so it can clear the energy field in your space, clear impurities in your home and this allows for new beginnings. 

Sage burning or smudging offers a kind of metaphysical and spiritual cleansing. You can say a small affirmation while rotating the sage stick to encourage peace, love, and happiness to fill the space while releasing what no longer serves you.

When the smoke from the sage stick is pointed in a uniform direction, it is an indication that you can move to the next location. Smudging with sage is accomplished by acquiring a sage bundle or smudge stick. The end is lit into a slow smolder, releasing thick smoke. The smoke may be waved with a hand or a feather to direct it. In some cases, when used spiritually, a person will move clockwise (or counterclockwise) around the house, starting at the front door, giving special attention to corners. The smoke may also be directed over a person or object. It can also be left to smolder in a bowl or burner. Ash is caught in a receptacle such as a ceramic bowl or shell.

Let that stuff go my friends, let it go. 

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